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Qingdao Smad Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. (SMAD) was set up in 1999 and rebuilt in 2003.


After many years of hard work, we have become a normalized and professional enterprise. Now  SMAD has a staff of 600 persons and an annual output of 350 million Yuan. The development of SMAD is among the fastest in the field. The production capacity has grown over 100% for 3 years since we were founded.


The sales of SMAD have increased doubly year by year. 


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  • Price$$200.00 - $300.00

    Refrigeration System Stainless Steel Sandwich/Salad Prep Table

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  • Price$$186.00 - $252.00

    Hot Selling Upright Commercial Cake/Beverage 4 sides Glass Door Display Refrigerator Showcase

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  • Price$$200.00 - $300.00

    Supermarket Glass Bakery Cake Display Cabinet Showcase Refrigerator

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    Top Open Sliding Glass Door Display Chest Freezer For Ice Cream

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    8x1/6 GN Mini tabletop counter gelato display freezer ice cream showcase

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    supermarket built in glass door beverage cooler pepsi fridge bottle refrigerator

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    216-390L Direct Cooling Supermarket Glass Display Cold Drink Showcase Refrigerator

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    Supermarket Upright Air-cooling System Glass Door Ice Cream Display Freezer

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Supermarket Refrigeration

US$600,00 - US$1.500,00/Unit
1.0 Unit(Min. Order)
US$2.500,00 - US$4.500,00/Unit
1.0 Unit(Min. Order)
US$900,00 - US$1.800,00/Unit
1.0 Unit(Min. Order)
US$345,00 - US$360,00/Unit
81.0 Unit(Min. Order)
US$800,00 - US$1.000,00/Buah
84.0 Buah(Min. Order)

Upright Showcase

Horizontal Freezer Showcase

US$185,00 - US$280,00/Unit
48.0 Unit(Min. Order)
US$215,00 - US$280,00/Unit
32.0 Unit(Min. Order)
US$980,00 - US$1.020,00/Unit
1.0 Unit(Min. Order)